Are Google AdWords The New Elevator Pitch?

The New Elevator PitchGoogle AdWords are those “sponsored links” in the right hand column on any Google search results page.  While we’ll discuss these further another time, these are cost per click ads that are placed by a company to get your attention based on your search terms.  

When using Google AdWords as a marketing tool, the challenge is communicating your point of difference in 70 characters (including spaces).  This limited amount of space also needs to motivate the audience to take action.  Just like your elevator pitch.  This got me thinking- are Google AdWords this generation’s version of the elevator pitch?

Could you differentiate your company in 70 characters?    It’s not easy.  Luckily for me it only required a 35% reduction in characters bringing my AdWords pitch to “We increase your marketing return without increasing your investment”.  

There is a sales adage that says know when to stop talking.  That same advice can be said about your AdWords pitch.  Make it relevant, distinct, motivating and to the point – 70 characters will force you to do just that.  Then once you’ve said your pitch, let your audience strike up the conversation to find out more.  If they don’t want to learn more then maybe your pitch isn’t as strong as it needs to be.

If it isn’t please refer to our previous entries – Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch  and Who’s On First?

So see if you can get your AdWords pitch down to 70 characters.  Doing so is just another way to market smarter.


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One response to “Are Google AdWords The New Elevator Pitch?

  1. This is an interestiing take on Google Adwords. I never thought that the two things could be comparable.

    In fact, I look at it like this. I network in person. I attend several local groups for an opportunity to me other business owners, possibly service providers for my customers and/or me if I have a Biz need. When I meet someone in person and they tell me what they do, I’m inclined to learn more about them because there is no call to action. I don’t have to join, sign up, purchase, exchange cards, refer other people, etc. It’s non-threatening. I get to check them out without any commitment.

    Ppc ads are first associated with a keyword search. It’s almost the same situation. I also get to check out sites without any commitment. . . .but ppc ads always seem to me to be more promotional to me: Free this and that, join now,best product or service ever, get rich quick, etc.

    A healthy elevator pitch should be inviting, but not promotional; concise and interesting; with a hook to be memborable; and one that should sound natural when you are speaking it.

    The beauty with PPC ads is that you can use short hand to get more of your message across and its not spoken.

    So the two things: Google Adwords and your elevator pitch might be comparable but definitely the message is not received the same way.

    Soemthing to think about. Good Post!

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