A Horse Threw Talking Flowers For Doritos?


By Robert Deutsch, USA Today

Photo By Robert Deutsch, USA Today

The headline of this post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but neither did a lot of the ads in Sunday’s Super Bowl.  


I am a huge fan of great creative, but to me the best creative work is meaningful as well.  At $3 million for 30 seconds being clever is important, but more important than that is to be remembered.  

Three days from now will you remember any of these television spots?

But the reality of the Super Bowl spots are actually not the running of the spots themselves but the marketing value surrounding the game.

Super Bowl spots are more than about the :30 during the game.  In the case of Doritos the hype started in July when they launched a consumer contest to develop the Doritos ad.  

For other companies the media coverage online, on television and in publications like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today around the spots started in mid-December and continues well after the game itself.

Why is this relevant to small and medium sized businesses?  Because just like the larger companies, you need to make sure your marketing dollars work as hard for you as possible.

When you launch a new marketing effort (more than just a brochure) think about the following to maximize your marketing investment:

1)  Share it with your customers first so they feel like they are on the “inside”

2) Send out a press release to the media regarding the new campaign.  This should include industry pubs, local news, etc.

3) Post all new work on your web site.  

4) Post new work online at sites like YouTube (if television)

5) Have all your employees update their status on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, etc to let their networks know of the new work

6) Send an email to your prospects sharing the new work and the message behind it

For your marketing to work your message needs to be relevant, unique and motivating.  

Once that is done,to make the most of your marketing dollars look for ways to merchandise it as well.  Doing so will help you market smarter.


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