The Google Alerts for Twitter

tblogonewJust before Thanksgiving I wrote about Google Alerts and its ability to allow you track your company and your competitors in blogs and on the web.

I recently learned about Tweet Beep  which allows you to see who’s talking (or tweeting) about you on Twitter.  

For those of you who are not aware of Twitter  – it is a social marketing tool that allows you to communicate with your network through short statements.  It also lets you follow your network to learn what they are up to.

TweetBeep is another way to see who is talking about you online  allowing to listen to your audience and through this knowledge, market smarter.



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3 responses to “The Google Alerts for Twitter

  1. Thanks for the info regarding the twitter tool you showcase here. Very valuable indeed toward marketing purposes.

  2. We love to use twitter as a free marketing tool. Thanks for the advice.

  3. I tweeted about the FSBO guy. I tweeted that I had to unfollow him because he was not seeing the value of me (realtor).

    Then I tweeted about comcast and I got a DM (direct message) from them, which knocked me off my seat. It was like big brother was watching me and knew what I was typing.

    Are you using it? Do you know if you can read protected tweets? Probably not, right! Twitter is definitely here to say so cool app and thanks for sharing.

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