When Personal Service Forgets To Be Personal

visa-black-card“Dear Mr. Abend,  It is my pleasure to invite you to apply for the exclusive [Visa] Black Card.  Limited to only 1% of U.S. residents, Black Card members are ensured the highest caliber of personal service.”

So after reading more and more about personal service, helping me with my “business, travel and leisure needs” and being someone who “demands only the best of what life has to offer”, I was disappointed that they sent me a blank application.

I guess Visa doesn’t know me well enough to personalize the application for the $495 card, yet my free (insert generic bank) credit card does.

I have written about making sure your brand experience is consistent from seeing an ad to receiving an invoice.  This is a lesson Visa could certainly use.



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2 responses to “When Personal Service Forgets To Be Personal

  1. I think there is a secuirty issue as to why they did not put your name on the application. You name implies your acceptance of the infamous, exclusive, “black card.”

    Then again, I’ve received cards in the mail with my name on it and all I have to do is call from my home phone to activate. i think in that capacity I already have a business relationship with the company and they are offerin me a new card , same company.

    I’m thinking that you’re reading too much into this one. What was it that irk you the most? The act that the ad was generic and when personal service was the selling point?

    If you’re name was on the card, would you have applied?

  2. Ok so I change my mind. Maybe this is an example of broken marketing, which is a topic that I am thinking about more and more this week. In fact, I’m adding some things to BizIntros to et people thinking about marketing.

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