How To Ruin A Good Idea

Broken IdeaYesterday I heard a radio spot promoting a child safety event by a company selling child location devices.

The spot invited parents and children to a dinner for the children to get fingerprinted and to hear tips on child safety.

As a father of two young boys, this sounded like a great event to attend; anything to help ensure the safety of our children.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that registration for the event started at 6 pm, with dinner and presentation beginning at 7, likely ending past my kids’ bedtimes. Noble cause, but not enough to miss the coveted bedtime window.

Great idea, lousy execution.

It is critical to think about your target audience at every stage of an idea.

Something as simple as the time you start your event could make a difference.



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3 responses to “How To Ruin A Good Idea

  1. ap

    Most likely the event was organized by someone who doesn’t have kids. Maybe Saturday in the morning would have been a better day.

  2. That is precisely the point. They turned it over to an event company without emphasizing the importance of who they were targeting.

  3. jen

    yep nothing interferes with bedtime 🙂

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