Hey General Motors, I Want OnStar.

OnStarOnStar is a great product GM offers on all of its vehicles.  OnStar is a service that helps drivers with everything from directions to unlocking doors to passive crash response.

It seems like a great service but it’s not appealing enough to convince me to purchase a General Motors product – based on GM’s sales, I’m not alone.

In this day with GM and other car manufacturers begging for new revenue (see Cash for Clunkers), I would hope GM would find a way to make OnStar available to the general consumer.  I would certainly add it to my car.

Do any of your add-on services provide a bigger opportunity by making them available to a larger audience?



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4 responses to “Hey General Motors, I Want OnStar.

  1. Malcolm schwarzenbach

    Great perspective. Funny thing is that I don’t drive a gm, but thought their radio ads were so good (product demonstration) that (before the downturn) was seriously considering getting one for my wife who’s driving the kids around 75% of the time. It is/was a key differentiator. And it’s clear they didn’t understand it’s true potential for their brand.

  2. Mark Wisnewski (OnStar Eng.)

    It is great that both of you consider GM and OnStar (there would be no OnStar without GM). I would invite both of you to test drive our new Outlook, Enclave or Traverse and then think for a bit about GM’s future. These are excellent crossovers, perfect for families. Let me know what you think.

  3. Cathleen C.

    I needed OnStat 2 weeks ago when I got lost in a part of ATL that I was not familiar with. There is definitely a larger audience out there for this product.

  4. Andrew W.

    If you are wondering about this kind of service you should also consider Mercedes-Benz and their Tele-Aid service which has been available since about 2000.

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