What Are You Learning From Your Email Marketing?

To improve customer engagement, use your email marketing to learn more about your customers.

Third party email companies like Constant Contact, Emma and StreamSend are great tools to create an effective email marketing program, though most companies only use them to send out emails and track who opens them.

That’s just the beginning for these tools.  The real fun comes from segmenting your database based on their email activities.

  • Test which day of the week provides the best open rates for your database, and make that your email date
  • Test subject lines to see which version has a greater open rate
  • Test what information generates the most interest by measuring click-thru rates, and craft your future content accordingly
  • If some of your audience responds to a certain type of offer, segment them and continue to offer them more of the same.  If another segment of your audience responds to a different stimulus, reach out to them with the information they want to receive.

Through their actions (or inactions), you can learn what your customers want if you take the time to dig into the data. The end results will improve customer engagement so you get the most out of your email marketing.

What have you learned about your customer database from your email marketing?



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2 responses to “What Are You Learning From Your Email Marketing?

  1. Great post – and this is just the tip of the iceberg of items that can be gleaned from reviewing list behavior. Another key learning can come from the sign-up form – that’s a great place to get more information about your subscribers.

  2. Great point Sandi. There are so many databases that consist of nothing more than an email address and a name.

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