Apple Continues To Get It Right

While the debate continues regarding the impact of the iPad, Apple does many things right.

Today when I was purchasing a new case for my iPhone, the sales person noticed my company name on my credit card.  She asked me about the business and if I was interested in joining their business loyalty program where I could earn benefits, discounts, etc.

This simple act made me appreciate that she was focused on my needs as a customer, and not just focused on the sale.

We do this all the time in our personal lives. You may notice a tree growing too close to a neighbor’s house and offer to recommend an arborist.  Your friend’s car may leak antifreeze on your driveway and so you recommend a mechanic.  The benefit to you? Helping a friend. Keeping a strong relationship.

When I meet with clients, I listen to what they need and often recommend services or companies that can help, regardless of whether it benefits my bottom line. I recommend a business coach if I see organizational challenges; CFO consultants if their revenue model is flawed; or an M&A consultant if my client needs a better understanding of what their end-game needs to be.

The same thing should be done with your brand.

What are you doing to take the extra step to help your customers out?  Are you a resource that your customers trust because you are looking out for them?  How can you train your employees to recognize the opportunity to become that trusted resource?

When the hard drive on my Powerbook was dying, I took it to the Genius Bar at Apple for support. To my surprise, they recommended I take it to someone else who could put in a faster drive and increase my memory at a lower cost.  They even gave me a card for the place.

I bet you can guess what my next computer will be.


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