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Are You Telling Your Customers You Are Closed For Business?

Closed For BusinessA recent Ad-ology study noted that 48% of U.S. adults think a lack of advertising by a bank, retail store or auto dealer during a recession is a sign that they are struggling and thus make them less likely to do business with them.

Conversely, a vast majority perceives businesses that continue to advertise as being competitive or committed to doing business.

What message are you sending your customers?


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Monetizing Twitter

Twitter is the “hot” thing in social marketing.

The concept is simple: Provide people with quick updates called tweets (140 character limit) in this one-to-many microblog. You try to attract as many people as you can to follow you on Twitter so more people can “hear” what you have to say.

Fame on Twitter is often measured with how often you are “retweeted” – when someone tweets your tweet – and/or how many people recommended you on Follow Friday.

But like most social media, the question always remains: how does a company monetize their efforts?

Twitter has created a cottage industry of search engines, alerts, popular topics and an advertising mechanism: TwitterHawk.

TwitterHawk allows you to send a marketing message to someone who tweets about a market you serve.

For example, if you are a credit union, you can send a marketing message to anyone who tweets about a negative experience about a bank.

The cost is an incredibly reasonable $5.00 for 100 messages. You can set your message to automatically respond or you can go through the send queue to make sure your message is truly targeted by viewing the potential message recipient’s twitter profile.

The latter is more time consuming but much more effective, especially if your company serves a limited geography.

As Facebook tries to figure out its advertising model and LinkedIn’s model focuses on keywords, TwitterHawk has found a way to reach people at the exact moment they comment about something.

So if someone tweets about their car breaking down, Ford can send them a message to capitalize on the situation.

I am not certain it is the most effective marketing tool, but to be able to hone in on that “pain” moment in a cost-effective manner may become a great way to market smarter.

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Welcome To Smarter Marketing.

Economic downturns and uncertainty bring cuts and most of these cuts hit marketing because marketing doesn’t impact how you do business.  Conventional wisdom now says that companies who market during a downturn come out ahead of their competitors because they kept their business known while others disappeared.

While that sounds great in theory, it is hard to practice especially when jobs or your livelihood may be on the line.

I suggest another approach – keep marketing, just make it more efficient and more effective.  

Thus the reason for this blog – to provide thoughts and ideas that can help small businesses market themselves more effectively – without increasing – and often times decreasing – their marketing spend.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in the hopes they help your business succeed.

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