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Tracking Leads – As Simple As Asking A Question

Are your Yellow Page ads working as well as they used to?  Did your newspaper ad generate enough leads to justify the expense?


Last week I talked about the importance of tracking leads as integral to knowing if your marketing efforts are working.  While there are many complex ways to track leads, I want to expand on two free, yet effective, ways using your call center or web site.


Call Centers

Whether you have a call center or one person answering your phone have them ask a simple question, “How did you hear about us?”  By keeping a record of this data on a sheet of paper or simple spreadsheet you can begin to see which marketing tactics are working hardest for you. 


Online Question

Just like the call center, you can track your tactics by adding a question to your website when people request more information or purchase a product on your site.


I recently worked with a company that has been tracking its leads for over five years.  After a quick analysis we were able to identify some tactics that were high price, but not providing the return on investment.  In fact the return had been declining for two years while the prices had increased. 


Canceling those tactics and reallocating dollars allowed this company to save 20% of their marketing budget while actually generating more leads. 


Don’t wait to implement a tracking program.  Doing so will help you market smarter.


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