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Want Inexpensive Out-of-Home Ads? Look To Your Employees.

Want to reward your employees and have an inexpensive way to market your business?

Pay your employees to let you advertise on their cars.

Grip Promotions – an event marketing firm – sent me this idea. His clients typically pay employees $50 a month to carry the advertising message on their car.

An example of using an employees car for advertising.

An example of using an employee's car for advertising.

Production costs range from $75 – $100 for printing and installation.

Considering a typical outdoor board can range from $400 – $2,500 a month this is pretty cost effective way to promote your business.

To track its effectiveness, run a promotion.  Give each employee a number on their ad and ask the public to visit your web site for a chance to win a prize.  All the public has to  do is call or visit a URL and enter the number they saw on the rear window.

There are many ways to creatively promote your business.  If you have any ideas that have worked well for you, we hope you will share them on this blog.  Doing so will help everyone market smarter.


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