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Don’t Be Invisible In A Recession

An article in yesterday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a National Federation of Independent Business study regarding a decline in confidence.  “1 in 4” small business owners claimed a decline in sales as the main reason for their pessimism.

Thus the challenge, how can a business increase sales if it refuses to market itself.  These are difficult times for all businesses and business need to find ways to operate more efficiently and the same holds true for marketing.

With the right eye you can increase the effectiveness of your current marketing.  Look at the tools that are  working hardest for you.

  • Can you cut what isn’t working and invest more in what is working?
  • What can you do to increase business among current customers?
  • How successful is your referral program?  What can be done to improve it?
  • What inexpensive online tools are you using to generate business?  Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking?

Remember, the worst thing a company can do in a recession is become invisible. Instead keep marketing just market smarter.

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