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Listening To Your Customers – Now Made Easier

techrigy logo smallThis month I was introduced to Techrigy, a new marketing tool that measures your brand’s mentions in social media – blogs, twittter, facebook, message boards, etc.

Why use a tool like this? While you may use social media to proactively market your company, they are also accessible tools for your customers to talk about your company online. Monitoring these mentions can help you understand what is important to your customers, and help you learn from their experiences.

Techrigy will monitor your brand activity online and lets you dissect your data by demographics, sentiment (positive or negative comments), geography, days of the week and other metrics. It also identifies who writes about your brand the most; this can be helpful for marketing and customer service purposes.

It’s important that you know what people are saying about your company. Check out Techrigy. Free and Premium subscriptions are available.

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Brand Consistency on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular social network for businesses and professionals.  Use the site’s search engine for your company and you may be surprised at the number of employees using LinkedIn.

While mainly used for networking and business development, LinkedIn can be a great brand building tool when used properly.

Each person on LinkedIn has a profile.  Look at your employees’ LinkedIn profiles, do they describe your company in a consistent manner?

If not two things come to mind.

1) If they aren’t describing your company on a consistent basis on LinkedIn you can be confident they are describing it consistently in person either.  Which may mean they do not have a clear understanding of your brand.

2) You are missing out on a simple, free branding opportunity.

Help your company maintain a consistent message in the market by making sure your employees use LinkedIn (Plaxo and Spoke are other business networks) and describe your company in the same manner.

Just like any marketing tool your presence on these business social networks needs to be consistent and you can’t leave it to chance.

Using LinkedIn to support your brand position is a simple way to help you market smarter.

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Don’t Be Invisible In A Recession

An article in yesterday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a National Federation of Independent Business study regarding a decline in confidence.  “1 in 4” small business owners claimed a decline in sales as the main reason for their pessimism.

Thus the challenge, how can a business increase sales if it refuses to market itself.  These are difficult times for all businesses and business need to find ways to operate more efficiently and the same holds true for marketing.

With the right eye you can increase the effectiveness of your current marketing.  Look at the tools that are  working hardest for you.

  • Can you cut what isn’t working and invest more in what is working?
  • What can you do to increase business among current customers?
  • How successful is your referral program?  What can be done to improve it?
  • What inexpensive online tools are you using to generate business?  Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking?

Remember, the worst thing a company can do in a recession is become invisible. Instead keep marketing just market smarter.

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