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Listening To Your Customers – Now Made Easier

techrigy logo smallThis month I was introduced to Techrigy, a new marketing tool that measures your brand’s mentions in social media – blogs, twittter, facebook, message boards, etc.

Why use a tool like this? While you may use social media to proactively market your company, they are also accessible tools for your customers to talk about your company online. Monitoring these mentions can help you understand what is important to your customers, and help you learn from their experiences.

Techrigy will monitor your brand activity online and lets you dissect your data by demographics, sentiment (positive or negative comments), geography, days of the week and other metrics. It also identifies who writes about your brand the most; this can be helpful for marketing and customer service purposes.

It’s important that you know what people are saying about your company. Check out Techrigy. Free and Premium subscriptions are available.


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Measuring Social Media

I recently learned about ViTrue’s Social Media Index which is a good thing because people are always asking me about how to measure success in social marketing.  

The Social Media Index (SMI) is a tool that measures your impact within various social media like blogs, micro-blogs (Twitter), networking sites, and photo and video sharing sites.  While still in BETA form it is interesting to see how a company or personality is faring in social media compared to its competitor.

For example on 11.10.08 Obama had a SMI of 7130 compared to McCain’s 3410 demonstrating that Obama is mentioned 2x as frequently as McCain in the various social media.  

To help you track your social marketing efforts, ViTrue’s full version allows a company to dig deep to understand which micro-blogs or photo sharing services, etc it has a presence.

Currently, the full service version is only available to companies who work with ViTrue to set up their social marketing programs, but there is discussion that companies may be able to subscribe to the SMI in the near future.  I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, check it out weekly to get a gauge on your company’s success in social marketing.

The Social Marketing Index is just another tool to help you market smarter.

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