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The Power Of Being Passive In Social Media

imagesTo me, marketing through social media falls into two camps: Active and Passive.

Active is when a company disseminates information through channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs.

Passive is about spending time listening to what consumers are saying about your company, your products, your competitors and your industry via social media.

In their efforts toward active social media marketing, companies post press releases on Facebook, put commercials on YouTube and talk about how great their service is on their company blog.

The greatest challenge, however, is making sure you have a large enough audience to warrant implementing a social media marketing plan. Spending hours on your company’s Facebook page to market to 75 “fans” is not a good use of your time.

Creating a strong passive social media strategy, on the other hand, can provide you endless insight into your audience and help you develop a more strategic active strategy.

Tools like Tweefind, Technorati, BlogSearch, plus searching YouTube and Facebook, can help you find out what is being said about your company in social media.

Passive strategy is also monitoring your competition. Techrigy and Vitrue can provide you a picture of what your competition is doing in social media.

This type of social media monitoring will bring you closer to the consumer.  You see trends being created, identify problem areas and monitor consumer reaction to product changes.

This information allows you to improve your products and will drive your active strategy when, for example, you respond to consumers to help educate them on why you may do certain things.

Passive social media marketing in action:

A client of mine manufactured clay poker chips, so we monitored blogs, forums, etc. and found out people liked the chips, but didn’t like the powdery residue on the chips.  The powder was there to protect the chips during shipping and went away after playing with the chips a few times.  Upon our recommendation, they began including a note in the poker chip case explaining the residue and those comments went away.

If your company wants to develop a social media strategy, start with a passive strategy first.  Figure out what is being said and who’s saying it.  Once you have that knowledge your active strategy will be more compelling and successful.



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Measuring Social Media

I recently learned about ViTrue’s Social Media Index which is a good thing because people are always asking me about how to measure success in social marketing.  

The Social Media Index (SMI) is a tool that measures your impact within various social media like blogs, micro-blogs (Twitter), networking sites, and photo and video sharing sites.  While still in BETA form it is interesting to see how a company or personality is faring in social media compared to its competitor.

For example on 11.10.08 Obama had a SMI of 7130 compared to McCain’s 3410 demonstrating that Obama is mentioned 2x as frequently as McCain in the various social media.  

To help you track your social marketing efforts, ViTrue’s full version allows a company to dig deep to understand which micro-blogs or photo sharing services, etc it has a presence.

Currently, the full service version is only available to companies who work with ViTrue to set up their social marketing programs, but there is discussion that companies may be able to subscribe to the SMI in the near future.  I’ll keep you posted.

Until then, check it out weekly to get a gauge on your company’s success in social marketing.

The Social Marketing Index is just another tool to help you market smarter.

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