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The Snowball Effect

Marketing is not finite.  An ad campaign may end.  A PR blitz can come to conclusion.  

Marketing never ends. In fact, marketing should build upon itself.

A client wanted to use speaking engagements as a tactic to establish themselves as industry experts.  While the partners of this company had significant industry experience, the company was relatively new and unknown.  

They were frustrated at being rejected by a leading industry trade show.  I told them they needed to build their portfolio by speaking at smaller events and writing articles in smaller industry publications.  Those activities would provide credibility and establish them as an industry expert.  Doing so provided a strong base for them to speak at the larger industry events and they are frequently quoted in industry news.

Getting the most out of your marketing dollar goes beyond integrated marketing.  It is making sure you use your marketing elements as frequently as appropriate.  Here are two simple, low-cost examples.

Example #1: You are featured in an magazine article. Post the article on your web site. Mail a copy of it to your prospect base. Use an excerpt in a sales presentation.  Reference the magazine feature in your PR boilerplate copy. 

Example #2: You write a white paper.  Send the white paper out to all clients and prospects.  Use the white paper in your press kit.  Use it as a promotional tool in an email to collect new prospects.  Promote it on your site.

Regardless of economics, the point is don’t just execute one tactic, see how your tactics can be used in many ways to build upon each other and thus build your brand, differentiate your company and help you achieve your sales goals.

Keeping this in mind will help you Market Smarter.

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